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proving you can count on us!

sustainable buildings

Sustainable buildings, for the new construction side of our business this means accurate installs, standing behind our design build team, inspecting what we are expecting. Making sure the team understands the expectation before performing the task. For our service side of the business this means properly inspecting equipment with our planned maintenance partners, accurately diagnosing and repairing problems.

valued partnerships

Valued Partnerships, a partnership is an arrangement where different parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests MJS views our clients, sub-contractors, suppliers, our employees and at time our competition as these valued partners.

strong performance

Strong Performance, through great recruiting and training we look to train our staff to accurately execute. Be it the entry level apprentice on the job site, to the service technician repairing leaks to the office staff answering the phone, strong performance doesn’t mean flawless performance meaning that we will sometimes make mistakes, in this case strong performance is owning up to our mistakes and repairing them.


sustainable buildings |valued partnerships | strong performance

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