MJS Mechanical Project Spotlight

628/630 Boiler Replacements

Schedule: Jun 2021 – Oct 2021

Prime Contractor: MJS Technical Services

Mechanical Contractor: MJS Technical Services

Engineer: N/A

Project Description

The life cycle of the boilers in these facilities were reaching their end. MJS had competitive pricing to execute this work for our client. Beginning in 628 we installed new boilers, pumps, piping and an indirect water heater, seamlessly tied into the existing heating and domestic hot water system with very little interruption to the buildings services. Once the operation of the new equipment was verified, we demolished the pre-existing equipment. MJS then transitioned into 630 where we knew there was going to be larger hurdles to overcome as we identified there was asbestos containing materials and the venting for the new boilers was incredibly more difficult, once the venting was installed MJS again seamlessly tied in the new boilers and water heater into the existing systems.