Brad Diggens


In May of 1993 I made the decision to form MJS Mechanical. Prior to that date I was a partner and General Manager in another firm for many years, before deciding to start something entirely from scratch. The goal was to form a company that could be molded into a firm that employees would all be proud of, and whose clients would be pleased with our competency, morals, honesty, and integrity that we would always bring to the forefront. We have always been innovative and forward thinking, changing as needed to always move towards this original goal. The current team, as well as the partners that were brought into the firm, have all been selected carefully, always keeping in mind these original goals of the firm. It’s nice to see these employees and partners taking the torch, keeping the same original goals at the forefront. If there is any way for me to truly measure the company’s success, it’s in watching the employees and partners take these same values to heart.

Brad Diggens - MJS Mechanical President