MJS Mechanical Project Spotlight

Domestic Hot Water Plant Upgrade

Schedule: Mar 2021 – Apr 2021

Prime Contractor: MJS Technical Services

Mechanical Contractor: MJS Technical Services

Engineer: N/A

Project Description

The production of hot water in the building had noticeably been decreasing and parts for the existing equipment were becoming scarce. MJS worked with the facility maintenance team to come up with a new system that would work for them. MJS strategized a way to install 3 large new AO Smith BTH tanks, complete all the piping and seamlessly tie into the building with minimal interruption to the domestic hot water serving the building. After that the existing equipment was demolished leaving the customer with a mechanical room with an abundance of space and large smile on their face. In addition to the new domestic water heaters, MJS trouble shot and found multiple locations where there was a cross connection on the domestic recirc line which was contributing to the lack of producing hot water.