About MJS Mechanical

29 Years Of Being Professional Mechanical Contractors that Service the Calgary Area.

About MJS Mechanical

29 Years Of Professional Mechanical Contracting & Servicing in the Calgary Area


“I have found MJS to be forward thinking in their resourcefulness to provide solutions to problems that occur. Their qualified people bring pro-active planning and strong decisive management to our projects. Their tech of professionals are quick to respond to emergency situations and they understand the procedures that need to be followed when working in a school environment.” “I would recommend MJS Mechanical as a trusted alliance partner for all your Plumbing and HVAC problems.”

Peter Jeffery, Manager, Maintenance Projects, Calgary Board of Education (CBE)

Founded in 1993, MJS Mechanical is a professional mechanical contracting and service firm. Our management team has a combined 100+ years of industry experience – specializing in new construction, building upgrades and facility service. MJS is a goal driven, forward thinking and innovative company.

We have a unique approach to our operations. We view our clients as business partners with whom we want to build a trust relationship. In doing this we can create a win/win/win experience for ourselves, our vendors and sub-trades, and of course, our clients. Also, through our adoption of new technologies and creation of new processes and quality standards we are able to streamline our business operations. This saves money – savings we can pass down to you, our business partners.

The MJS ownership team have not only been members, but are proud to have been in leadership positions in industry organizations such as the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada & Alberta (MCAC), Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada (MSCC) the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), the Calgary Construction Association (CCA) and have been integral in the plumbing, heating and gas code committees of Canada.

Our mission is to be your mechanical contractors and service partner of choice…

for our clients through quality installations, effective facility services, and a dedicated, forward-thinking team.

for our employees by upholding a culture of engagement, appreciation and performance.

for our sub-trades & vendors with excellent communication, mutual respect and honest business practices.

for our industry through involvement, action and innovation.

Create sustainable buildings through valued partnerships and strong performance.
sustainable buildings | valued partnerships | strong performance
We are Performance Driven.

We deliver on client expectations through setting goals and then committing the time and resources to achieving those goals.

We Believe in Productivity.

Our belief is you can only manage what you can measure. Productivity is a result of our commitment to improving, intelligent planning and a focused effort.

We Endorse Partnering Relationships.

We view our clients as partners and we will strive to fulfill your mechanical needs through providing superior services at fair value. We also view our sub-trades and vendors as partners, working to create a win-win relationship for all involved.

We Believe in being Profitable.

Providing a great product at fair prices creates value to our clients and profits to our business. This is used to support and continually improve our Health, Safety and Environmental programs. It is also used to pay competitive wages and benefits to our people so they can maintain a healthy income to support themselves and their families.

We are Stewards of the Mechanical Industry.

MJS is a contributing partner at the highest level in the development of the mechanical industry. We view giving our time as a privilege and our involvement strengthens our associations, which in turn creates good competition.

What is a “sustainable building”? It is a building that has energy efficient equipment, updated plumbing, quality air systems and a method of monitoring and controlling its usage. A sustainable building keeps its occupants healthy, it helps to keep the environment clean, and a sustainable building saves money.

Whether it’s a new or old building, MJS can make sustainability a reality.

Through creating valued partnerships with our clients, our vendors, our sub-trades, our employees and leading industry experts we are able to offer you an exceptional experience.

Our vision allows us to be more cost-effective, increase productivity, provide value-added services, and progress towards higher sustainability in buildings.

COR CertifiedAt MJS, we value the importance of safety in the workplace. The health and wellness of our employees is a top priority. We have developed a comprehensive safety program that focuses on making safety clear and concise vs. a program that is full of jargon and difficult to follow. This will allow for ease of use and understanding of our best practices and procedures, ensuring they are practiced daily on our sites.

We are COR certified.

We promote reporting all near misses and incidents. Rather than covering up potential mistakes, we believe in learning from the experiences. Through reporting, other employees can learn more about common workplace hazards and can avoid them in the future through our root-cause analysis.

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Tradition of Giving Back

MJS Mechanical Contracting Corporate Culture of Giving Back

The team at MJS Mechanical understands the importance of giving back. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of doing business.

We are proud to support both local and international causes. In developed countries like Canada, we are so lucky to have access to fresh, clean drinking water almost anywhere you go. Unfortunately, many places in the world do not. As a mechanical contractor, our focus is on helping those who suffer from water scarcity, non-potable water, and out-dated plumbing.

MJS Culture

MJS Mechanical Contracting Corporate Culture of Team Fun

MJS is committed to providing a challenging and rewarding work environment for our employees. We also like to have fun! See below for an example of some of our company events!

We understand the importance of fostering a community feel for our company; where employees can build strong working relationships with their coworkers. We don’t view our employees as people who work for us, but rather as partners who work with us. Together we can build a successful, productive and engaged company