MJS Mechanical Project Spotlight

CBE - Elboya School Steam Boiler Replacement

Schedule: Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Prime Contractor: MJS Mechanical Ltd.

Mechanical Contractor: MJS Mechanical Ltd.

Engineer: Morrison Hershfield Engineering

Project Description

This school’s boiler had seen better days. After its 60 years of service keeping students and teachers warm, it was finally time to graduate. This boiler replacement project presented some logistical challenges. The boiler location forced MJS to come up with some unique solutions to ensure the success of this project! Some of these solutions were the cutting out of a section of the parking lot and excavating a hole, then saw cutting and removing the concrete wall just to get the boiler in to the mechanical room.  An additional challenge was the tight schedule that is common with this type of project. MJS had to complete the replacement by the start of the school year. With careful planning, strong communication and effective project management. MJS was able to meet the desired schedule and the school opened right in time


Mr. Don Cameron of the CBE gave us a great compliment for this project when he said;
“…and I cannot remember in recent memory of a mechanical company completing a school boiler replacement project prior to school commencing in the fall, congratulations to MJS for being the first”.