MJS Mechanical Project Spotlight

Kathyrn Elementary School Renovation

Schedule: July 2019 - Sept 2019

Prime Contractor: MJS Mechanical Ltd.

Mechanical Contractor: MJS Mechanical Ltd.

Engineer: Remedy Engineering

Project Description

The boiler room in the Rocky View Kathyrn School had gone through its life cycle and it was time for a modernization of the room itself along with mostly everything inside of it. on top of being located in a rural setting the location of the mechanical room in the school was in the basement without dedicated access. MJS and the construction team removed all the heating equipment, all the piping, gutted the electrical infrastructure and all the house keeping pads to start from a fresh slate. The concrete floors and walls required a lot of attention from years of water seeping through and deteriorating. Once the floors and walls were rejuvenated with epoxy and fresh coats of paint the mechanical & electrical work was able to began. New boilers, pumps and piping were installed. Multiple air handling units rebuilt, hot water tank and heat exchangers installed and all in time for school to commence September 2. Because of the scope of work required on the floors and walls that creeped into the summer month the majority of the piping was prefabricated off site and installed in a short time window. A new electrical tub was installed and new conduit and feeds to all equipment. the automation also seen a overhaul from pneumatic to DDC.