MJS Mechanical Project Spotlight

Rosedale Elementary/Jr. High School Boiler Replacement

Schedule: June 2016 - September 2016

Prime Contractor: MJS Mechanical Ltd.

Mechanical Contractor: MJS Mechanical Ltd.

Engineer: Reinbold Engineering Group

Project Description

The boiler room in the Rosedale school had gone through its life cycle and it was time for a modernization of the mechanical equipment. The school operated on a low pressure steam system, MJS was eager at the opportunity to be able to work on steam. our forces started by gutting the room of everything, cutting the floor open to add new drainage. We then moved on the new house keeping pads and constructing the cast iron section boilers. As many school projects schedules are limited to the summer months and MJS was again successful in getting the heat on before school started. The modernization included two new cast iron boilers with modulating burners, new hot water tank, high efficient venting for both, condensate recovery tank, piping within the mechanical room air compressor and accessories for the pneumatic controls system. The gas service for the school was also relocated to the exterior. There was also a structural implication on the project as the ceiling of the mechanical room was the school gym stage.