MJS Mechanical Project Spotlight

Springbank High School Mechanical upgrade

Schedule: July 2019 - September 2019

Prime Contractor: MJS Mechanical Ltd.

Mechanical Contractor: MJS Mechanical Ltd.

Engineer: Remedy Engineering

Project Description

Remove and replace existing boiler plant. Remove and replace existing circulation pumps. Remove and replace 56 heat pumps located through out the school installed above ceiling tile. Remove existing cooling tower. Cut open the roof to add structural reinforcement, redo a portion of the roofing and install a new fluid cooler. Upgrade of digital controls system. Complete refurbishment of existing air handling units. Epoxy coating of mechanical room floors and painting of mechanical room walls. Demolition of hundreds of feet of redundant piping laced throughout the school. Multiple electrical upgrades with issues from the heat pump supplier MJS was faced with having to install all the units in two weeks which took us nearly to the last minute but in the end, was completed.